Feisty Cheetah Prints from Lane Bryant

This dress is from Lane Bryant Spring/Summer 2011.  I originally bought the dress in black, and it has become my perfect LBD.  I love the fit of the dress and being able to swap out one colored cami for another and then accessorize accordingly.  I ended up buying the cheetah print version a couple of months later on super sale – not because I loved the cheetah print – but because I loved the fit.  I’ve ended up getting decent wear out of the cheetah print as well, and wearing it so frequently and comfortably has made other animal prints more approachable.  I recently received LB’s fall catalog, and cheetah print is one of their trend picks for this season.
In their catalog spread, LB goes beyond the typical pairing of leopard with black and tan, which is typically how I pair the print as well.  Instead, they contrast the leopard with pops of red and mustard yellow.  I love that choice because the bold colors mute the leopard print, making it less intimidating to wear.

Leopard Print French Terry Jacket - $79.95
Fierce Boy Short PJ Set - $29.99
Faux Fur Vest with Belt - $69.95

The Flared Caraz Dress from Anthropologie

I purchased the purple printed version of Anthropologie’s “Flared Caraz Dress” early in the summer and have gotten my wear out of it already: with and without belts, tights, cardigans, statement jewelry, etc.  I went to Anthro in July to cash in on my birthday coupon, and as birthday bonus to me, found that Weston Wear launched another color-print of the dress.  It has more of an autumnal look in navy and brown and pair well with white, cream, and chocolate, so I think a pop of red or mustard (which would also work with Lane Bryant’s new leopard pieces!) would liven it up a bit. 
 I like this version of the dress as much as the original purple print, and apparently it’s a good seller, because Weston Wear has released a similar dress, the "Frothed Dots Dress", which is receiving strong reviews as well.    

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