I love buying presents. Picking a theme, whether a color scheme, personality type, room in a house, etc., and then "curating" a set of items to make a perfect present is fun for me and special, I hope, for the recipient. As the holidays approach, I'm browsing Amthropolgie with friends and family in mind. Admittedly, I'm also piecing together gifts I'd love to receive. I always feel like I've put together a great gift if it's something I'd love to open myself. While I also plan on putting together some $50 sets, these first few collections cost approximately $100 each:
This jewelry box, though tiny, makes a lovely and romantic keepsake box. I can see storing my wedding jewelry or pink, silver, and gold pieces in the box. The earrings have a sweet, antique vibe and are a perfect pair with the box.
This would make for a great engagement or wedding gift as well. The illustrations in this cookbook are gorgeous and the design of each page is quirky and crisp. The gold tumblers dress up an otherwise classic cup, and the napkins are just too cute.
Glasses for milk, dessert plates for cookies, and a couple of other treats to sweeten the overall package. I'm all about mixing the patterns and colors of my table settings. The candle - which I own - smells like a freshly baked cookie, but could be easily swapped out for a cookie or cupcake cookbook. Anthro also has some whimsical cookie jars, but that would require upping your budget significantly. Consider baking the recipient a batch of cookies and giving them as part of the gift. Ask friends and family to write out a favorite recipe on some of the cards and leave a few blank for the recipient to fill out themselves as they come across some keepers.

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