For the past few weeks I haven't felt inspired to write...about teaching-related things, anyways.  Perhaps it's that end-of-the-schoolyear teacheritis.   Classes are winding down.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And I want to finish off the year strong.  So I work away for a few hours after school everyday, and when I get home my brain is fried.  Can't.  Handle.  More.  School.  Stuff.  In.  The.  Evening.  

But I've really been missing writing in my blog.  When I started up the blog as an experiment - as I'd be asking my students to keep them for the duration of certain units (and hopefully beyond!), I didn't expect the experience to be so nourishing and cathartic.  But it's given me the opportunity to think on paper, to reflect, and I've missed it the past few weeks.  And over the weekend, I was inspired to tackle some different topics in my blog.  Other interests of mine often neglected because of my career obsession: fashion, make-up, food & wine, decorating, sight-seeing, shopping...  This weekend I spent too many hours browsing other young womens' blogs and seeing their stories and photos about these neglected pieces of my life made me miss them that much more.  And decide to be more "deliberate" about re-integrating them into my life.

So tonight I spent an hour browsing the web, looking for ideas to accessorize this dress that's been back-ordered for weeks and still has weeks before it will arrive.  And because it is taking so long to show up on my doorstep, I've started getting the itch to shop for another dress to tide me over in the meantime.  Because, ya know, that's healthy.  And cash-conscious.  And Kyle would be ever-so-thrilled.  So instead I explored ways to build an outfit around the dress, most of the accessories being similar to something I already own.  Just four more weeks?!?

And while I'm sure there's some online program out there that would make it easier to collage an outfit - something like - that would also require a decent internet connection.  Which is something that our woodsy, little lake drive just doesn't offer.  So until the interwebs can step it up beyond its slower-than-dial-up speed, assembling the images in OpenOffice (not even REAL Office) will do.

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