A Sunday trip to the Wormsloe plantation. We hiked through the marshes, learned about the Savannah settlement and early colonial life, and visited the ruins of the original Wormsloe home.
Good cooking this week! Chef's salad with toasted baguette and truffle butter. Cheesy grits topped with thick-cut bacon, sauteed red peppers, and sliced sweet onions. Chocolate pasta topped with Italian sausage in a spicy tomato-basil sauce. And finally, the meal of the week: porterhouse steak topped with a morel mushroom cream sauce, served with truffle mashed cauliflower and flash-fried kale. Good eats thanks to the Forsyth Farmers Market!
Seeing the sites around Savvanah on gopher walks with Jazzy.
Kicking off the three-day St. Patrick's Day festival with free, live music throughout the historic district. We loved The Rosie's, a folksy sister duo who played acoustic covers, medleys, and some of their own original songs. We couldn't pass up spicy, smothered chili cheese fries at Spanky's. We passed through the crowd at City Market and finished the night at Mellow Mushroom with their shiitake pizza.
Delish tuna salad at Six Pence Pub to take a break from all of the heavy, fried pub food. Taking Jazzy around to see all of the fountains died green. A shot and a beer to kick of St. Patty's Day 2. The shots are Irish Creme chocolate truffles with a shot of Jameson whiskey from Chocolat downtown. To wind down after a day out, we popped in a movie a snacked on Byrd's red velvet cookies.
Shots from the St. Patrick's Day parade! Tons of bagpipers, bands, Irish dancers, the Budweiser Clydesdale horses, and plenty of revelry to celebrate the day!
Cooking up some Southern goodness from my Paula Deen cookbook: crab bisque and beer biscuits with honey. Listening to Irish folk music over a pint at Kevin Barry's Irish Pub. No room for a microwave in our micro apartment, so it's stovetop popcorn from here on out.
Cheesy crab dip slathered on toasted baguette after an afternoon at the mall.
Taking Jazzer Bat out on the town. Sometimes she's a pleasant pup. Other times she's a neurotic, anxious mess that makes walks more of a nightmare than a relaxing stroll. Here we are taking her out for a quick jaunt before our anniversary dinner. Nine years after our first official date at true Winterfest dance, we requested a chef's tasting dinner at Alligator Soul downtown.
Alligator Soul features exotic meats, local meat and vegetables, and organic cocktails. We had pork belly, black chicken, venison, and foie gras alongside the more typical scallop, pork loin, and lamb, but none the flavor combinations were typical or boring. Rich, hearty, surprising, and scrumptious describe this meal, one of the best we've had.
My favorite dish was the scallop Napoleon, whereas Kyle loved the venison wellington with blackberry sauce. We had a palate cleanser of guava sorbet between courses and a selection of truffles for dessert. Check out that dark chocolate peanut butter cup topped with sea salt!
Happy diners!
Decorating for St. Patty's Day for the first time ever. Lots of green to freshen up the apartment and lots of green veggies in our meals this week: butter beans, collards, avocado, peas, and arugula.
Free concert at Forsyth Park. Listening to Of Montreal while sampling a few of Sweetwater Brewing's offerings made for another chill Friday night in Savannah.
Flowers in bloom in February and March. A plethora of produce at the farmer's market. Taking lunch and dinner down to the garden courtyard for a meal in the sunshine or under the stars.
A Saturday afternoon picnic on Tybee Island. Temperatures in the 60's, waves crashing on the beach, and seafoam shuddering in the wind served as the backdrop for our lunch and a walk along the water.
Having brunch at Papillote downtown: a buttery ham and egg sandwich and crawfish, mushroom mac and cheese. Then spending the afternoon in the sun on Ellis Square. Locking Jazzy away for a time-out for being so high-strung on walks and leaving for a peaceful walk without her.
Sunset and cool breezes on the rooftop at Rocks on the Roof. Baked Brie topped with peach, pecan preserves slathered on toasted baguette. All settled into our apartment. It's nice to have the place look like home and not like a storage unit.
First Friday Festival on the River. Local artisans lined up along the riverfront well into the night: paintings, jewelry made of salvaged glass and china, and slate oil candles. Watching the barges and riverboats pass under the bridge, lights reflectin off the water.
Fanciful martinis at Jen's and Friends: the Rice Krispie treat, the bourbon pecan pie, and the almond joy. Sipping on grown-up slushies along the riverfront. DJ playing oldies and Top 40 as the fireworks exploded over the river.
A morning walk in the cemetery.
Best $15 ever spent: a no-pull harness for our bat dog. It makes walks more pleasant for everyone: us, Jazzy, other pedestrians on the street, and the other dogs and squirrels that she can't even get close to now. The week was also made happier by delish Thai food.
Taking a free ride on the River Street ferry at sunset.
Hopping off the ferry and popping into Savannah Candy Kitchen for pralines, milk chocolate and caramel pecan gophers, and chocolate-dipped Pringles for dessert to take back home.
Taking an afternoon jaunt down to Forsyth Park.
Having a midweek picnic lunch at the park and later attending a lecture by artist Jack Whitten.
Getting ready for a night out at Savannah Smiles dueling piano bar. The highlights: Hotel California, a hip-hop medley, a lots of Motown.
The Saturday Farmer's Market at Forsyth Park. Loads of fresh produce. I still love my Kerrytown Market back in Michigan, but Savannah's selection of February produce sure beats apples and potatoes. Check out this haul of mustard greens, spinach, beets, cabbage, Italian sausage, and pork chops. It's going to be a week of tasty cooking in our tiny kitchen this week!
We emptied the house, loaded the Penske truck, and drove 900 miles to our new apartment in historic Savannah, Georgia.  The first week was one of chaos, confusion, farewells, excitement, and anticipation of new adventures in our new home.

Dress - Lane Bryant
Tights - We Love Colors
Boots - Naturalizer
Crystal Statement Necklace - The Potting Shed

Frothed Dots Dress - Anthropologie
Sweater, tights, belt, & boots - Lane Bryant
Red Leather Bag - Emma Fox

Each month, Hailey from Discourse of a Divine Diva and Aislynn of Couture for Curves are hosting a fashion theme challenge where bloggers can post their outfits interpreting the theme.  This month's theme is "burgundy."  
Frothed Dots Dress - Anthropologie
Burgundy Blazer - Younker's (old)
Gold Hoops - Macy's
Beaded Necklace - Forever21 (old)
Pumps - Thrifted

In true Veruca Salt fashion, I'm being needy and greedy about this album.  Is anyone else super impatient and anxiously awaiting the release of HEARTTHROB on January 29th?  I'm obsessed, and Tegan and Sara premiering songs from the album as we approach the release date is not helping.  I just listen to them on repeat when I could be doing more productive things.  

And being lame and always late to the party, I just discovered SoundClound.  Yay for finding more distractions.  YouTube won't load in any reasonable amount of time on our slow connection., so it hasn't hampered my productivity much.  (At all). But SoundCloud?  Uh-oh.