I buy fashion magazines when I go on road trips because they're eye candy.  I've never really come across anything and thought "I want that!" because I can never visualize myself wearing the fashions, and plus, I could never afford any of its anyways.  I picked up the latest Vogue on our trip up north camping and was flipping through mindlessly, stopping once to drool over some glittering Louis Vuitton bags - that, let's face it, are never gonna happen -, and stopped dead at an Oscar de la Renta ad. 
Pink!  Powder blue!  Vintage 40s-50s styling!  Baroque jewelry!  Lace!  Chiffon!  Florals!  Girly (and excessively so)!  So to Oscar de la Renta's website I went for the first time ever.  
Pink lace skirt?  $3,000?  Oh, no problem.  Powder blue dress adorned with a brooch?  $3,000?  Yeah, no prob.  Ahahaha.  Not sure what I was expecting.  I suppose if the prices were closer within reach, it would just make not having them worse.  But I'm not interested in running up a huge line of credit.  So I decided to search for a similar look...for much, much less.

 I've purchased a lot of clothes this summer, so buying a whole new outfit would have made me feel guilty.  I needed to keep it to one article of clothing.  And instantly, I knew.  Georgina on Cupcake's Clothes recently modeled a pink and white eyelet skirt from ASOS Curve.  I'm always on the hunt for pink, so I checked out ASOS.  The skirt was on sale for $15.  I ordered it, thinking I had some pink and white tanks and cardis I could wear interchangeably with it, and hoped all would be well.

A week later, it showed up.  The underlay is hot coral, but the white eyelet masks the overlay enough to dull it to appear bubble-gum pink.  To give it a few of the Oscar de la Renta touches that I loved on the runway, I tied my cardigan at the bottom to mirror the cropped style of the capelet, pinned on a flower brooch, and strung a ton of charms onto my necklace to make more of a statement (although it still seems a little underwhelming compared to the oversized globs of jewels on the models).

It's certainly no Oscar de la Renta, but it's a fun, feminine look with all of the pink and girlieness that I loved about the ad.  I'd typically never wear a cardigan this way, but I think it works for this look.  And when I wear it, I can pretend I'm wearing the real thing, because pretending is as close as I'm ever going to get.  And I'm okay with that.  I won't go into debt that way.       

White Cami - Lane Bryant
Pink Cardi - Dress Barn
Skirt - ASOS Curve
Shoes - Thrifted
Clutch & Brooch - Etsy
Necklace - Most charms from Brighton
Wearing the outfit over to a friend's house for dindin

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