As I was perusing various style blogs over the weekend, I noticed that OOTD posts are really popular.  And it got me thinking about my own closet.  And how as the schoolyear winds down, makeup and dressing up and doing my hair get a bit lax, and I end up falling into the ponytail lull and start wearing my favorite, staple outfits instead of trying anything new.  So this week I wanted to be more conscious of my daily outfits and put together pieces in ways that I don't typically.  And unlike most OOTD posts, I realized I don't have to label which brands I'm wearing, because I'm pretty sure that practically everything I own and wear to work is from Lane Bryant.  I worked at an LB for three years during college before I started teaching, and the Sophie's Closet discount was just too tempting.  Every few weeks I "needed" a new outfit or two.  So over the past several years I've collected many items from LB that I continue to wear and that have held up over time.  As I post photos, I'll check to see if I'm wearing anything not from goes:

Soooooo....yeah.  Everything is from LB.  With the exception of shoes.  The brown flats and double-strap heels are from Victor.  The black pointy-toe flats are Calvin Klein and look like patent-leather jellies.  I think today's (Thursday's) outfit is my favorite simply because I rediscovered my love for this blazer.  I bought it in the fall and wore it as more of a cool-weather jacket and have avoided it since then because I seem to stigmative all blazers as stiff and constricting.  And so when I see them hanging in my closet, I too often pass them by, settling instead on a cardigan.  But I already wore one of my black cardis this week, so I decided to give the blazer a shot.  And I realized...I'm an idiot.  An idiot for avoiding this beautiful blazer for so many months.  It's a stretchy, corduroy blazer.  Super-stretchy.  Comfy.  What was I thinking?  Ah well.  Rediscovered.  Just in time for the weather to warm up and to force me to confine in to the back of my closet anyways.  *sigh*

Jazzer-Bat is also enjoying outfit picture time because it provides more opportunities for her to jump on and "love" me before I leave for work in the morn.  This morning I at least got her to sit down for a picture.  She ceased the spazzing for a few seconds, anyways...
Besides reflecting on fashion, I also wanted to start documenting some of my cooking.  Kyle and I love to cook together.  Most of our other interests are entirely our own, so cooking and pairing food and drink have become hobbies of ours.  I'm going to try to document one meal per week.  And now that the farmer's market is coming alive with greens and veggies and fruits - and not just apples, potatoes, and meat - we'll be doing a lot of grilling.  This week we bought steak; red meat is a rarity in our kitchen.  Instead we eat lots of chicken, fish, shrimp, pork and vegetables.  And a ton of mushrooms.  And cheese.  Every week.  Back to our meal: 
* Steak rubbed in salt & pepper and tossed on the grilled, cooked to medium rare
* Chunked russet potatoes tossed in olive oil and seasoning salt and roasted in the oven until crispy
* Sliced onions sauteed in olive and garlic until softened and browning; frozen peas tossed in and heated through
* Sliced tomatoes sprinkled with sea salt, dill, and fresh, local ricotta cheese

We paired dinner with a bottle of Dancing Bull Merlot.  It's under $10 a bottle I think.  I wouldn't buy it again.  It's a little peppery and while an easy-drinking red, it just didn't have much of a finish.  

After dinner, we had cream puffs that we bought from our new bakery, Glee.  I've never had the desire to try a cream puff.  They looked kind of like stale croissants.  Nothing too appetizing.  But our latest Bon Appetit had a short feature article on cream puffs and their description made me curious to at least try one.  And now that I have, I'll be having another.  Looks are deceiving.  Not stale or tough at all.  Soft and melt-away-in-your-mouth yummy and - crazy as it may seem - puffy.  Ahaha.  I have been missing out.  We had some coffee alongside with a splash each of Kahlua and Grand Marnier.  The.  End.  

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