This year, Kyle and I celebrated with my parents on Thanksgiving.  While Kyle and I are usually pretty inventive with our cooking and always trying new things or putting twists on traditional meals, this is one tradition we don't mess with.  I've been making the same dishes with my parents for Thanksgiving dinner since I was a child.  Now that Kyle's a part of the family, we chips in too.  After a long day of cooking, we sit down to a comforting meal and are thankful for great food and family.
A crisp cotton embroidered tablecloth, a few pumpkins and a pillar candle for a centerpiece, and Limoges china and King’s Crown dishes make for an inviting holiday table.
1 & 2 - Making Stuffing: My favorite Thanksgiving dish.  My Mom and I toast both frozen bread that we’ve stored in the freezer over the course of the year as well as fresh bread until crisp.  Then we shred it into small pieces and mix in chicken broth, eggs, sautéed celery and onions, poultry seasoning, thyme, salt, and pepper to taste.  A traditional stuffing recipe that’s been passed down through the generations of women in our family.  A classic and oh so delicious.

3 - Pickle Plate: This is my family’s Thanksgiving snack board while we’re cooking all day: devilled eggs, sweet gherkins, bread and butter pickles, green olives, celery, and carrots.  It keeps you fed and nourished without stuffing your stomach so much that you can’t eat dinner.

4 - Turkey: Look at that glorious bird!  We do stuff the turkey.  Bathing “Tom”, pulling out the neck and giblets, and checking for feathers has been one of my Thanksgiving rituals since I was a little girl.  I also sing “We’re having Turkey tonight!” as I bathe him.  And I make him dance a little in the sink.  It was cute (I think) when I was little.  It’s maybe a little creepy now.

5 - Happy faces on Thanksgiving!

6 - The Sides: We always have roasted Brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving.  I love them.  This year we tossed in a little (okay, a lot) of bacon bits.  I make have gone a bit overboard with the bacon bits, but they lent a nice smokiness and saltiness to the sprouts.  We also had our traditional stuffing and cranberry sauce straight out of the can.  I like it, even though if you’re patient with opening it, you can make the whole mass of gelatin fall out in its complete cylindrical shape.  Not appetizing, yet appetizing.

7- Hot Rolls: Put three small balls of dough (shaped like a clover) in the bottom of a muffin pan; they’ll puff up a lot!  You can make the dough from scratch or cheat and use store-bought dough.  We’ve done both and the latter is so much easier with only slightly better results, that I’m partial to the cheater dough.

8 - The Complete Plate: Fully equipped with mashed potatoes and gravy poured on just above everything = an amazing Thanksgiving meal.

9 - Family Photo: My parents, me, and Kyle, struggling awkwardly with the timer on my camera to take a decent photo.  Seventeen tries later, here is our decent(ish) photo.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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