In an effort to derail my online shopping, Kyle took me resale shopping yesterday.  We pulled $50 out of the ATM and set to work.  Four hours later with the $50 spend and an additional $20 put on the debit card, I could appreciate the allure of resale.  I used to love going resale shopping in high school when I was broke and working 12 hours a week at a shop, but I traded in resale for retail during college.  I don't have the patience for TJ Maxx and Marshall's and the like.  Show me a well-dressed mannequin or well laid-out floorplan, and I'm good to go.  Easy shopping.  The sales associates have done most of the work for me.  I sound terrible saying that.  I must lack creativity and vision.

But yesterday I was patient.  Rifling through the racks at three different stores.  It's an interesting mix...wardrobe staples like tees and jeans, lots of shoulder pads, a few good laughs, some cute trendy pieces, and - my favorite - a few vintage lovelies stuffed in there.

I ended the day with a pair of beige pointy-toe heels, lots of pink and black tops, a denim circle skirt, and a vintage pink dress with matching lace cardi and pink belt (shown below).  Too bad the fit of the dress is awful.  I'm going to take it to my seamstress and see if there's anything that can be done with it.  For the $3.80 that the dress, lace cardi, and belt cost, plus the ensemble being 1/2 off, I'd be willing to invest a bit more to see if I can save the dress.

Pictured below are two of my new items: the pink and black printed top and the pink belt.  Wearing some old and some new(ish), Kyle and I met another couple for din-din at our fave local restaurant, Inverness Inn.  After dinner, it was karaoke time.  Lots of sad country songs, oldies, and some real talent.  Resale shopping + dancing to "Bridge Over Troubled Water" with other townies = a pretty sweet Saturday.      
Top - Resale
Wrap Skirt - Lane Bryant
Pink Belt - Resale
Cut-out Flats - Calvin Klein
Vintage Bracelet - Gift
Earrings - Avon (gift from a student :-))

You looked smashing. We had a great time. Next time I will try to get up the courage to sing.


Thank you! I do love the high-waisted skirt with a belt look. You looked really nice, too. I'm glad that you - like me - love an opportunity to dress up...even if it is just for a local bar and country karaoke. I'm a bit jealous though that you can wear a shrug and not look like an idiot in it. I've tried several different styles. Tried pinning it down. Clasping it with a brooch. Etc. Just not a good look for me. And I hope there is a next time because Kyle and I had a really good time with you both. And yes, having someone else share in the embarrassment of karaoke would be nice.


Lizzy so I started reading through all your posts on here and I'm officially inspired to spend more of my free time with crafty projects and things that make me happy. I figure if you have enough time to make and do all the amazing things you do while being an incredible full time teacher, I have no excuse not to at least try while I only work part time. So thanks for reminding me to make more time for me and all the things I love! p.s I really like the first picture of you in the Pioneer Wine Trail post!


Katie, your post made me so happy. I hope you do take time out to do stuff that makes you happy. I've been really terrible at it since I started teaching because I let it be all-consuming. I figured because it was my passion it was okay. But really, I have other, more materialistic and self-indulgent passions, too. :-) I've had to make a conscious effort to do this blog and crafting and cooking. But I've felt a lot more fulfilled because I've been working on several areas of myself instead of just teaching. Now that you have your own place, you have your own space to work in and work on. I hope you get into something that makes you really passionate and that feeds your mind. <3


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