Early in our relationship, Kyle and I spent a Saturday with my parents so they could get to know each other.  Being the crafty lady she is, my mom had the idea of us all writing down things on slips of paper that we'd like to do in the surrounding area.  We each tossed our slips of paper in a hat and jumped in the car.  My dad pulled "Kensington" and off to the park for walking the trails and going on the paddle boats it was.  Back in the, we pulled another slip, and off we went.  ...And so on...

It was a brilliantly fun idea and something we haven't done since.  On Saturday, Kyle and I had the whole day together with no errands to run.  This would have been perfectly ideal were we not totally indecisive.  So, we picked a city: Ann Arbor.  And we wrote out 10 or so slips of paper with things we'd be interested in doing and tossed them in the bowl...  

...got sidetracked for a minute to snap a few photos...
Pink tee - Anthropologie *** Black reversible v-neck or round-neck tank - Anthropologie *** Black pencil skirt - Lane Bryant *** Black patent leather flats - Calvin Klein *** Pink clutch - vintage
...and then we hopped in the car, ready to draw our first excursion:
World Market is a fun store that sells gifts, home decor, food, wine, and tableware inspired by countries all over the map.  We picked up some some gifts, jarred tapas like I wrote about in my earlier Zingerman's post, and some wine.  (I ended up serving them as appetizers the following night when we had my parents over for dinner which will be in my next post.)  Plus, we lucked upon a free wine tasting.  What a lucky first draw!

Into the car and out of the bowl came:
We love bowling.  We're not great at it.  Kyle is decent at it.  I'm...eh...probably pretty pathetic at it, but it's fun.  I'm happy if I score over 100 if that gives you an idea of my skill level.  We lucked out again with $0.99 games, and we have our own shoes, so $6 for an hour or so of bowling was pretty excellent.  
And then back to the car to await the bowl's next command:

Pinball Pete's is an arcade on U of M campus.  Old school arcade games like PacMan and Tetris, DDR, shooting games, ski-ball, air hockey, and on and on.  Speaking of air hockey...we are super competitive.  It gets ugly.  I have to watch my language.  The puck goes flying off the table.  People should really keep at a distance.  

Well, a mother and young son were playing four tables down, and when they finished, came to stand and watch us.  Really?  You really want us setting an example for your son?  Screaming, getting inventive with cussing so we're not really cussing, slamming our hand-guarded fist down onto the table, knocking the puck off the table as it soars and smashes against the wall?

Well, they didn't watch for long because apparently the mother didn't think we were great examples either.  There's a reason we're playing at the very back table as far out of the public eye as possible.  Getting intensely competitive about air hockey is sad.  But it's who we are.
Then we hit the Brown Jug, another campus staple, for a drink as we watched the Olympics on their TVs.  They also have a crazy lengthy list of shooters and cocktails to choose from.  

And then back to the car for our next draw...

The Prickly Pear.  Favorite.  Restaurant.  Ever.  Right downtown in Ann Arbor, delish southwestern-seafood fare, and the gold standard gold margarita.  They added a shrimp-queso-spinach dip to their menu which was super yum.  I had spinach and cheese enchiladas and Kyle had the crabcakes.  Portions are always ginormous, so you're guaranteed lunch leftovers the next day.

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