Our buffet set up last Spring around the time of our anniversary in our wedding colors. It looks so lovely looking back on it. This is why I love decorating. You change up the decor and it changes the feel of the room.

I love shopping, particularly for dresses, jewelry, and home decor, because I like to create an experience, to cultivate a space or create an outfit with a particular theme and that sets a particular mood.  I think it's why I love F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and Francesca Lia Block's writing so much: they use such vivid imagery and color and visual symbolism that you're sucked into the world of the story.  They're transportative.  I think an outfit or a really great gift or a well-decorated room should transport the wearer and the receipient and the people who enter that room.  And as I'm planning for my 15% off birthday purchases from Anthro, I want to go in there with a focus.  Because if I don't, I will impulse buy whatever catches my eye.  And when that happens, I leave with buyer's remorse.  But when I focus my buying around a particular theme, I leave with things that collectively create that experience or mood I was talking about.  And that makes me happy and gives my purchases more meaning and value.  

My, that was quite a romanticized reflection on my (unhealthy) love of shopping...

On to the goods! 

The Theme: Luxurious Blossoms
Grown Under Glass Bubble Bath - $48

I love bubble baths and usually use bubble bars from LUSH or Lollia's bubble bath.  But, in the spirit of roses and my 15% off birthday coupon, this one might be worth trying out.  The fragrance profile is described as a, "rich, expanding floral, deeply layered with notes of dry, yet sparkling woods; comforting and beautiful."  

Illume Boulangerie Jar - $16 

To make the bubble bath experience that much more luxurious, why not light a scented candle for ambiance?  Not sure how well the two fragrances would meld, but separately they both sound like they'd smell heavenly.  This Coconut Macaroon candle is described as having the following scents: "sweet cream, pink sugar and coconut blended with vanilla and a hint of almond."   

Taschen Guide Box Set - $60 

This is an item I'm really excited about.  I love flipping through magazines and coffee table books: fashion, food and wine, home decor, gardening (not that I garden; I just like looking at other people's handiwork), traveling, cookbooks, etc.  "The cities of Berlin, Paris, London and New York are covered in three books apiece, featuring the best shops, hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes that each has to offer."  Love it!  A good read for the bubble bath or to curl up on the couch with.

Sparkling Fete Bobbies - $24

Fresh out of the bath, let the oils from the bubble bath linger while you pin up your hair with these adorable bobbies.  They are versatile enough to look really feminine and romantic or quirky and bohemian.

Ineke Floral Curiousities Perfume - $68

This sounds like a really complex and interesting perfume.  It's not that typical, cheap, musky, rose perfume that every place sells but nobody buys.  It also can't be (hopefully) sickly sweet with bitter, spice, and patchouli fragrance in it.  It sounds more like a dark, romantic, seductive rose than a sweet, girlish one.  I look forward to smelling it.  Many of the Ineke fragrances have interesting scent profiles, so hopefully the Birmingham Anthro has them in stock so I can compare them.  

Tied Calla Kitten Heels - $79.95

So sweet and feminine and vintage-y.  Plus I love the little ruffly frills peeking through like flower petals.  Slip on these shoes and head out for an afternoon of antiquing and tea or an evening of dancing at a local jazz club.  

An extra luxurious indulgence to top off all this would be some gourmet cupcakes or cream puffs with a sparkling rose.  Can't wait for my Anthro shopping day!

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