In June, Kyle's oldest younger sister, Megan, is getting married to her college boyfriend, TJ.  Katie, Kyle's youngest sister, will be marrying her boyfriend Drake in August.  Also, several of our cousins are planning weddings for this summer and fall.  It's an exciting and stressful time, especially for the brides, and Kyle and I wanted to treat each of his sisters to a bridal gift to make her feel special even though both are sharing this time with the other and with several other brides-to-be in the family.   

The gift for Megan all started with a dress: the Skies of Ore dress from Anthropologie.  It's a cute party dress that Megan can wear to bridal party outings, showers, an engagement photo shoot, the rehearsal dinner, on the honeymoon to a nice dinner, and beyond.  The reason the dress struck me as a great gift for Megan is because it's navy blue with gold polka dots and trim.  As a University of Michigan grad marrying a U of M grad, the two of whom met at a U of M football game, the colors maize and blue mean a lot to them, so much so that they're their wedding colors.

Once I had the dress picked out, it was just a matter of accessorizing it.  It was really fun building an outfit.  I don't typically shop that way; I buy pieces one-at-a-time and match them up with other things in my closet.  Once complete, I really love the look and can picture Megan rockin' this outfit at any one of an array of wedding-related events.  
Here's Megan trying on the outfit. Everything fits, and she looks totally gorg in it!

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