The Potting Shed is my most favorite store.  It's in downtown Chelsea and sells vintage linens and dishes and jewelry, whimsical and shabby chic home decor, and French-themed gifts and jewelry.  I stop in every few weeks for a new something-I-want-but-don't-need, and it's my first stop whenever I'm shopping for a gift for a female friend or family member.  When I last stopped in, I picked up a pair of lavender spa booties from Sonoma Lavender that I've had my eye on for awhile.  The store has carried them for a couple of years, but they only used to be carried in purple, and apparently that matters for some reason, because now that they're carried in pink as well, I own a pair.  They're these soft velvety booties with those heat-up rice bag type things inside scented with lavender. They are amazing. They're warm and smell nice and when you move your feet around them, it's like a massage. They're a bit pricey at nearly $40, but when I get home from work, I'm tired and want to kick back and begging Kyle for a foot rub doesn't always result it one. Lavender spa booties = my alternative option.

I also picked up the flower earrings pictured below. The cream and orangey-red ones I picked up from a local art fair. They're made from sea glass.
The Potting Shed also serves tons of vintage novelty candy. I usually don't spend much time eyeballing that table because I'm more interested in the jewels and decor, but this time a coconut candy bar caught my eye.  It's a Neapolitan bar with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavored coconut. Delicious. Granted, I am a coconut fiend.  Almond Joys. Macaroons.  No-bake
chocolate coconut cookies.  I'll take that Neapolitan coconut bar anytime...especially if my other option is these caramels pictured below the coconut bar.  The caramel outside was fine, but the chalky-nougat on the inside turned me off. 

No fangs.
I think ima go heat up those spa booties...

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