I have missed my style blog!  I've been vacationing and developing my online classes for the fall, and updating my blog just hasn't worked into that schedule.  I've found tons of great web tools to share on my classroom blog, but again, all of my focus has been on figuring out ways to use them in my classroom, not documenting and sharing them on my blog.  Ah well.  I'll catch up soon enough.

Early in July, Kyle and I took a trip with his family to Tennessee.  The outlet malls there are crazy cheap.  I bought five dresses for $100.  That's less than I'd pay for one dress at Anthropologie!  Granted, the quality isn't quite as good and I'm not as in love with them as the items I splurge on at Anthro (otherwise I wouldn't splurge on them), but...they make for fun additions to my closet.  The one pictured below is from the Vanity Fair Outlet.  $20.  The shape of it is a bit out of my norm...the big batwing top with shoulder cut-outs.  Plus it's a bit short.  But I'm trying to branch out.  And the purple color is really pretty, and I don't have much else that color in my closet.  

I've worn it once already with purple earrings and Steve Madden sandals with rainbow colored jewels all over them.  Very matchy-matchy.  I would never never never have paired the purple with the pumpkin-brown shades.  I had been trying on a printed navy and brown dress and the shoes and belt matched the brown shade perfectly.  I stripped off the navy dress to try on the purple one, and I left the shoes on.  And because the belt matched the shoes, I tried on the belt with it.  It worked okay, but I needed some accessories to tie it all together.  I pulled out the necklace which was my grandmother's and that I think I've worn once, and it all came together.  A dress style I wouldn't normally wear.  A color combo I wouldn't even think to pair.  And a necklace passed down from my grandmother to top it all off.
And then it was off to a going-away party: Grizzly Peak Brewing in Ann Arbor for some local brews and appetizers.  Homemade soft pretzels dipped in cheddar ale sauce?  Yes, please!

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