I just bought my first pair of skinny jeans…yes, I’m incredibly late to the party.  I worked at Lane Bryant when they started taking over the denim shelves a few years ago, but I never tried on a pair.  I had this fear of what they would look like, that they’d be uncomfortable, that they weren’t for my body type, etc.  Well, I was in shopping at LB and was drawn to a pair of Seven7 skinnies with cute, embellished pockets.  I figured that the trend hasn’t died yet, so it won’t be dying out anytime too terribly soon, so I tried them on.  

They’re a lower rise than I’m used to, and I only own two other pairs of jeans right now: a pair of dark rinse flares with the slimming tummy panel and a pair of dark rinse, stretchy boot legs.  A teacher’s wardrobe doesn’t really call for jeans besides the few and far between – but much loved – casual Fridays.  So these medium-rinsed, whiskered, embellished jeans were a bit out of my norm but also fun.  Trying them on in the dressing room and browsing around the store wearing them to try them out, I thought they were passable and decided to take them home to try out over the weekend.  Well, I wore them for the next three days.  They’re super comfy with a bit of stretch, I can pair them with flats or any of my knee-high boots, and I have plenty of tunic-length tops to wear with them.  I’m happy I finally gave in and tried them and that I ended up liking them.  They certainly won’t replace my flares or bootcut jeans, but they give me another option for a different look.   

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