Each month, Hailey from Discourse of a Divine Diva and Aislynn of Couture for Curves are hosting a fashion theme challenge where bloggers can post their outfits interpreting the theme.  This month's theme is "burgundy."  
Frothed Dots Dress - Anthropologie
Burgundy Blazer - Younker's (old)
Gold Hoops - Macy's
Beaded Necklace - Forever21 (old)
Pumps - Thrifted
I have one burgundy item in my closet: a swing blazer with big buttons that I usually wear with a black tank and black pants to teach in.  Professional wear but nothing special.  This outfit came together out of desperation to wear my new Frothed Dots Dress from Anthropologie and also wanting to be a part of the burgundy challenge.  I wouldn't have worn these two items together without being challenged to try something burgundy.  Honestly, this blazer that's been hanging unworn in my closet for months would have continued to hang unworn for another several months.  
I also bought one of those hairbun-booster things to try styling my hair in buns.  You slide it over your ponytail and then tuck your hair around it.  I wasn't sure it would work for me because I have such think, unruly hair, but it stayed in place.  Not that I'm really digging the bun look on me.  Most of my wardrobe already fits the librarian bill, and the bun takes it a little too far.  All I need are my rhinestone Buddy Holly-esque glasses, and I'm there.  

While the blazer, with its pockets and buttons, is maybe a bit clunky to pair over such a light and airy dress, I was happy to get a wear out of it.  In the future, maybe I won't be so quick to pass it up for one of my staple cardigans.  The deadline for the challenge is tomorrow night, 1/25, and I'm excited to see how the other ladies will be sporting their burgundy!
1/24/2013 07:03:00 am

Hey there! That color looks great on you! I really like the pairing of the dress and blazer and the pointy shoes keep it from being too "sweet". I think you look fabulous! I am so happy you were able to participate.

1/24/2013 11:16:29 pm

Thanks, Hailey! I really am trying to get out of pairing everything with black, white, or gray.

1/24/2013 07:33:25 am

I think the outfit is really cute, I love the blazer with the dress. You've had it in your closet for months and not worn it? How is that possible? ;)

Hadn't thought about using one of those hair bun boosters, but perhaps I should, though I doubt it would look as nice as yours does.

1/24/2013 11:21:05 pm

Thank you! II am getting better about buying fewer pieces and getting lasting wearing out of them, but I'm still not very good about going back through older items and finding new ways to wear them. I'm hoping these challenges will get me to do that more often.

The bun thing is strange because I can't get a consistent look with it. I bought it because I never do anything with my hair and it seemed like a simple way to style it. It's simple. I can't say I really like how it looks. But it's simple. lol

1/24/2013 09:52:11 am

Very cute. And I think the bun just makes the outfit look a little more professional-ish. PS - what color lipstick? As a fellow ginger, I'm always on the lookout for a good reddish brown! :)

1/24/2013 11:26:19 pm

Thanks! No lipstick, actually. I'm currently using LUSH's popcorn lip scrub because my lips get really dried out in the winter, and then I always use my staple Burt's Bees lipbalm. If I were to branch out though, I'd pick up the tinted Sugar balms. I received a sample of one in a BirchBox and really liked it. It's subtle in terms of color but works like a low-maintenance balm, not a lipstick you have to reapply and worry about smudging. (Can you tell lipstick is too high maintenance for me?)

Here's the Sugar lip tint:


1/25/2013 07:30:14 am


Ok, in general I just really like this outfit. It's so appealing! I love the colours most--the mustard shoes really just make the whole thing so much better. I'm so eloquent, I know. But I think this is a great look!

Aaaaand I just want to say it's really nice to see someone else who isn't a size 2 wearing Anthro :)

1/28/2013 01:15:16 am

I felt the same way after finding your blog and seeing you sport Anthro. Your body type gives me a much more realistic idea of what something will look like on me, so I really like looking at how you pair tops and skirts. I went through a several month-long phase of wearing blouses tucked into skirts. Now I'm on more of a dress and cardi phase. But looking at your skirt pairings, I think it's time to bust out some of my old favorites and stop wearing these same dresses to death.


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