As much as I love this look, the $347 price tag just isn't practical for a lot of people, including me. Anthro is great for inspiration and picking up a few special items every now and then, but purchasing an outfit at this price for every occasion just ain't gonna happen. So, in an attempt to be more practical and to recreate these looks at a lower price with a mix of items from Anthropologie as well as more budget-friendly retailers.

The dress in the original look isn't what I love most about it. It's the color of the dress. These four dresses are all from Target's online collection and are all in the $20-$30 range. The shoes, also Target, are simply adorable with their mint suede and girlish, patent leather, mary-jane strap. The tights, which come in a vast array of colors, are from We Love Colors. I kept the earrings and bracelet from Anthropologie to keep a hint of luxury and romance.

The "save" look is less than half the price of the "splurge" look but retains much of the charm of the original.

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