As I’m packing away warm-weather clothes in the hopes of reopening them soon in Savannah, I’ve deliberated a lot over which dresses to pack away and which ones I can re-work to wear through the fall and winter months.  I bought this polka-dotted dress at an outlet for $20, and it got two wears over the summer.  I hate to pack it away having only worn it twice.  Reading Roxy’s post on Effortless Anthropologie about organizing and building your closet, I was inspired!  I went through my closet to see what I already own and could pair with this dress to make its wearability last into the holidays.  For fun and laughs, I paired it with a couple of printed sweaters and ended up kind of digging a couple of them…we’ll see if I actually pair the prints together and wear them in public, but playing dress-up in the safety of my own home, the outfits seemed to have potential.  
Look 1 is actually a swing sweater with buttons from the top of the sweater to about ¼ of the way down.  It looked funny layered over the dress that way, so I took the bottom ends and tied them into a knot and tucked it under the belt, so now it looks more like a buttoned shrug.  The belt in Look 1 costs $29.99 and is from Lane Bryant.  The pink ruffled sweater is from Anthropologie, the b&w cardigan with the sprawling print is from Carson’s, and all other items, with the exception of the dress, are from Lane Bryant.  

As I paired the dress with different sweaters, I realized that I have tons of cardigan sweaters and solid colored camis.  However, I also realized I can pair several of my other dresses with many of these cardis and camis.  Versatility!  Yes!  After my dress-up session, I have plenty of pairings to carry this dress through the winter.  It made me excited about the dress again as well as elevated a couple of cardis from boring work-wear to cute layering pieces.  I just might try this again tomorrow with a different dress…

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