Having brunch at Papillote downtown: a buttery ham and egg sandwich and crawfish, mushroom mac and cheese. Then spending the afternoon in the sun on Ellis Square. Locking Jazzy away for a time-out for being so high-strung on walks and leaving for a peaceful walk without her.
Sunset and cool breezes on the rooftop at Rocks on the Roof. Baked Brie topped with peach, pecan preserves slathered on toasted baguette. All settled into our apartment. It's nice to have the place look like home and not like a storage unit.
First Friday Festival on the River. Local artisans lined up along the riverfront well into the night: paintings, jewelry made of salvaged glass and china, and slate oil candles. Watching the barges and riverboats pass under the bridge, lights reflectin off the water.
Fanciful martinis at Jen's and Friends: the Rice Krispie treat, the bourbon pecan pie, and the almond joy. Sipping on grown-up slushies along the riverfront. DJ playing oldies and Top 40 as the fireworks exploded over the river.
A morning walk in the cemetery.
Best $15 ever spent: a no-pull harness for our bat dog. It makes walks more pleasant for everyone: us, Jazzy, other pedestrians on the street, and the other dogs and squirrels that she can't even get close to now. The week was also made happier by delish Thai food.
3/4/2013 09:48:27 am

I am so happy to see you two living your dream! I am also incredibly jealous. I cannot wait until my first visit!


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