In the previous post, students looked at a synchronistic painting that illustrates various points of a story simultaneously, allowing the viewer to piece it all together as an illustration of the entire plot. More common than narrative synchronistic paintings, however, are paintings that depict a single scene from a larger story. These paintings can be considered "vignettes" because they focus on a single, isolated moment.
For this activity, I'm pulling a selection of works and accompanying captions from the book "Myths: Tales of the Greek and Roman Gods."
This is a great little book packed with mythological artworks, accompanying narratives, and tips for understanding the symbolism and characterization in the paintings. The book is divided into chapters, some of which include several paintings illustrating different scenes from a single story, in this case: Jupiter (Zeus) and Io.

For this activity, I'm going to present students with the selection of five paintings, one of which has a caption summarizing the entire story and he others that describe individual scenes in more detail. I'm going to ask students to order the paintings according to how the events the illustrate are chronologically ordered in the story. Then, they need to write the story in their own words, dividing the story into five sections, one for each element of plot. Alongside each painting, they need to provide an excerpt from their story that describes what's being illustrated in the image.

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