Each holiday season, I change up the seasonal decor depending on my mood.  I did an all white Christmas one year, a Swedish Christmas another year with lots of red and straw decorations, and last year was a Whoville Christmas with bright neon colors.  This year, I wanted a 1950's look with lots of tinsel, glitter, and pastels.  

Area 1: The Wardrobe

Because we're anticipating an out-of-state move, I only decorated the living room this year.  I pick surfaces or areas of the room to decorate and tackle them one-by-one.  The image above is of our linen wardrobe, a piece of furniture usually topped with board games, vases, and baskets.  The decor is a mix of all-season and seasonal decor.  The NEST letters is one of my favorite pieces and stays up through the spring and summer.  The red heart and red garland could also be used for Valentine's day.  Mixing all-season and seasonal decor gives you more bang for your buck and help you fall in love again with pieces you've gotten bored with by using them in new ways.

Area 2: The Driveway Window

My "Seuss" tree is another all-season piece.  I keep the tree out year-round and swap out the ornaments I hang from it.  Also, I like surface clutter.  But then I get mad at myself when I want to sit down a mug, plate, or book.  So even with this mini table, I remembered to leave enough space for setting things down.  Also, ever smelled the balsam & cedar fragrance from Yankee Candle?  The holiday fir candles smell similar.  They're so wintry and festive and comforting, like you're wandering through a pine forest covered in downy snow.  Love it!  It's always on my holiday shopping list for myself, and it stays out from late November until the wick burns all the way down.

Area 3: The Entertainment Center

With these hurricanes so close to the ceiling, real candles are a no-no, so I use the battery operated ones.  The hurricanes are up all year round and are typically filled with corks.  Depending on the seasons, I'll weave a garland throughout them, like I did here.  The snowflakes are crocheted doilies that I taped onto the hurricanes.  I use the roses and clear garlands beyond the holidays.  Typically, the garland is strung from the chandelier and I clip the roses onto the garland for more drama and romance.

Area 4: The Corner

This pink tree was a gift from my mom in my first year of college.  She gave it to me as a “24 Days of Christmas” gift with the tree as the first day’s gift.  Every day after that, there were gifts of garlands, ornaments, and a tree topper.  So clever!  As far as the creepy-cute unicorn?  I don’t hunt and don’t find a dead deer hanging over the mantle as a homey touch.  But I do love satire and funky pieces, so I just adored this “Plushkill Forest” unicorn from a Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) artist.  This creature's name is Oglethorpe, and I think I’m the only person he doesn’t creep out.

Also, there's usually a floor lamp in this corner, but I took out all of the lamps for the holidays.  To avoid a dark corner, I light up the star tree topper and the quirky gourd lamp.  

Area 5: The Tree

This tree is 26 years old.  My grandparents dropped it on my parent's doorstop on my first December to make sure we had a Christmas tree.  I'm surprised by how much the garlands popped against the dark tree.  I also like the contrast of the different colored and textures garlands.  

While I am a sucker for particular brands, I still love a great dollar store.  I picked up all of my wrapping paper, ribbon, and tissue paper, along with garlands and some ornaments.  I usually reuse bags and tissue paper from previous years, but this year I was out.  Buying wrapping paper can be expensive and I hate spending money on something that immediately goes in the garbage.  So this year, I bought my supplies at Dollar Treasure.  I planned on buying holiday paper, but they didn't have any.  Honestly, this worked out better.  I love the pop of the ribbon against the solid papers.  Plus, if I have extra, it'll make perfect birthday and shower wrapping paper.  

Area 6: The Buffet

This sparkly, beaded table has Moroccan flair perfect for summer, but I like it alongside holiday decor.  It adds more color, more sparkle, more fun, and just...more.  This is probably my least favorite of my holiday "areas", but whenever we entertain, it'll be covered with plates and platters of food, so I'm not going to obsess about it.

Also, we don't have a mantle to hang stockings from, so hanging them from knobs on furniture works well enough for me!

Area 7: The Dining Room Table

The dining room table was inspired by these cute paper placemats I picked up from a vintage, shabby chic shop.  Dollar stores are great for picking up cheap tapered candles.  They usually claim they're scented, but they're so cheaply made that I usually can't smell them.   The tinsel rings aren't usually part of the candelabra but added some holiday flair.

Other Details

$0.99 poinsettias at Home Depot on Black Friday? This one was a gift, but if you want to snag one yourself, I don't think you can beat that deal. Sprinkled around the base is some holiday potpourri from a local herb farm. It sits on the coffee table in our living room and fills the space with a spicy, piney scent.
I love this chandelier re-purposed from antique vases and dishes. Minus the strand of icicles, this will last all the way past Valentine's Day.
Another new revelation? Uplighting! The tops of the wardrobe and entertainment center were really dark once night set it. But...toss a strand of Christmas lights behind the decor and tah-dah! Light! It fills the room with a nice rosey-golden glow.

Decorating our home for the holidays puts me in the Christmas spirit and makes our home that much homier.

Barb Pauloski
12/31/2012 01:40:57 am

Hi, I found your site through the EA blog and I love your holiday decor. It got me in the holiday mood all over again! Wishing you a gret New Year!

1/1/2013 04:20:45 am

Thanks, Barb! I love decorating for the holidays and styling the house differently each year depending on my mood. Unfortunately, that means I may be in the early phases of hoarding...hmmm...haha. Anyways, Happy New Year to you as well!

1/15/2013 06:03:58 am

Love your decor! I especially love the wonderful trees with your "NEST" letters. The colors are great too.
I have one of those hurricanes filled with wine corks as well. :-) And even though a dead unicorn is a sad unicorn, I kind of like your Oglethorpe.


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