This Christmas season, Kyle and I crammed in as much holiday fun as we could muster.  We spent a lot of time with our families, friends, and one another, and looking back, these past few weeks have been filled with a plenty of love and laughter.

I’ve been wanting to make liquor infusions and hard eggnog for a few years, but they take several weeks to infuse, and things get so crazy around the holidays that before I know it, I don’t have time to prepare them as Christmas gifts.  Not this year – I got started early!

Reversible Seamless Tank - Anthropologie
Pink Tee & Ruffled Cardi - Anthropologie
Skirt, Belt, & Tights - Lane Bryant
Leather Boots - Naturalizer
Do you have one of these reversible tanks from Anthro?  They're stretchy and smoothing with one side as a v-neck and the other as a scoop neck.  They're my favorite layering tank and come in tons of colors that change with the seasons. 

One of our newer holiday traditions that we ourselves created is to host a holiday dinner party with Kyle's family.  The first year we served beef wellington; the next year was a Swedish Christmas theme with red, apple, and straw decor and a meal of Swedish meatballs, spring sandwiches, and sipping on aquavit; and this year we decided to go Mexican!

Last night we went to the 89X Stole Christmas show at the EMU Convocation Center.  I bought tickets the morning they went on sale, not realizing it was for The Killers.  Tegan & Sara posted they were playing at EMU on December 20th.  I bought tickets.  When they arrived, I realized the show was actually for The Killers with Tegan & Sara opening.  Kyle and I like The Killers but only know their stuff that plays on the radio, so in preparation for the concert, we picked up their latest CD and loaded Pandora with some of their music, and happily found that we really dig their music as well.

Friday night we had dinner in before heading out to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream in downtown Ann Arbor.  I’ve never seen the play performed; I've only seen the movie.  In the film the imagery is like something out of a Rococo fairytale: lush, glowing, flowering, and romantic.  That’s what I was expecting, but that’s not what I got.  What I got was even better...
Ranna Gill's Back View Dress: Anthropologie
Beaded Cardi: Lane Bryant
Gray Tights: Lane Bryant
Velvet Ankle-Strap Heels: Viktor

Each holiday season, I change up the seasonal decor depending on my mood.  I did an all white Christmas one year, a Swedish Christmas another year with lots of red and straw decorations, and last year was a Whoville Christmas with bright neon colors.  This year, I wanted a 1950's look with lots of tinsel, glitter, and pastels.  

To celebrate Kyle’s birthday, we took a weekend trip up north to stay at the Chateau Chantal Winery & Inn and for the Mac’n’Cheese Bake-Off.  The bake-off involves the Old Mission Peninsula wineries to pair a selection of their wines with a gourmet mac’n’cheese made for the competition by local restaurants.  

As the holidays move in and time becomes harder and harder to schedule with friends due to family functions, we decided to throw a Holiday Harvest Dinner Party.  With a seasonal menu and local wines, we snacked and mingled and it really started feeling like the holidays.
I love making invites, usually from scrapbook supplies. But that gets so time consuming and expensive. I really wanted the Martha Stewart scrapbook app for my iPad but didn't want to pay for it. Then, as I was looking for apps to use in my teaching, I came across PicCollage. Love it - and it's free! Great for putting together Polyvore-type outfit boards AND for making cute invites!