This New Year's, we stayed in but kept all of the glitz and glamour of ringing in the new year. In dress and bowtie, we sipped on champagne as we fixed foie gras three ways, danced in the rosy glow of Christmas lights, and reflected on the past year.  
Dressed and ready for date night!  

Outfit Details:
Naomi Gown & Sash: IGIGI
Ruffled Cardigan: Anthropologie
So, yeah, we're obsessed with our pitbull batdog.  We tried to get her to pose for a portrait.  Here is a small selection of the results.  The first one is probably the best.  They got progressively worse.  Asking her to pose on her own for the camera?  No problem.  She just doesn't want to share the frame with us.  
Kyle and I are obsessed with "The F Word."  After watching Gordon Ramsay sear and serve slices of foie gras, we were inspired to try it for ourselves.  So for Christmas, I bought Kyle this foie gras sampler from D'Artagnan:
French Kisses (foie gras stuffed prunes), pate of foie gras, foie gras medallions, and slices of foie gras
We prepared and ate three courses, each featuring a different type of foie gras:

First Course: For our first course, we made shrimp cocktail and toasted baguette topped with black truffle butter, white truffle butter, and foie gras pate.  We paired this first course with "Bubbly Nouveau", a fruity and fun sparkling wine from Black Star Farms.

Second Course: For our second course, we seasoned the foie gras slices with salt and pepper and seared them in a hot, dry cast iron skillet.  We topped the foie gras with sauteed peaches in a sauce of butter, sugar, Gewurtztraminer, and fresh thyme.  We topped the dish with a sprinkling of fresh basil leaves.

Third Course: For our third course, we made burgers from ground beef, sauteed portobello mushrooms and onion, truffle butter, and salt and pepper.  We toasted the whole wheat buns in the oven till crisp and then spread them with the foie gras medallion paste.  While Kyle cooked the burgers, I made a salad of leafy greens, celery greens, shaved celery and carrots, white onion, shaved Parmesan, and a lemon-olive oil vinaigrette.  
After a romantic evening of fine dining and dancing, and less romantic things like playing old school Donkey Kong, we watched the ball drop in Times Square over the TV and toasted to the end of 2012 and new beginnings in 2013.

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