The Eloise Blouse in Creamy Rose Lace: Queen Grace
Reversible Tank: Anthropologie
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Red Patent Leather Mary-Janes: Kohl's
Cinnabar Necklace: Vintage
Multitude Headbands: Anthropologie
Red Leather Purse: Emma Fox
For the holidays, I participated in the free trial from Gwynnie Bee.  It's like NetFlix for plus size women's clothing.  The trial limits you to three garments out at a time, but they have paid plans ranging from one garment on up to nearly ten.  This one is from designer Queen Grace.  I tried both the top (seen above in pink) and dress (in all black) versions of this style.  I found the sizing to run large but the quality to be good.  The lace in these all-one-color garments was a bit overwhelming.  To try to balance out the lace, I paired the top with pops of red in all of my accessories.  

Having Gwynnie Bee through the holidays was fun, even if I never got to try any of my top three garments, because I had a new thing to wear for every occasion.  I wore this outfit to a family Christmas dinner and get-together.  The next morning the top went back to Gwynnie Bee, but I learned about a new designer who carries feminine, sophisticated styles in pastels that I can't necessarily find at Lane Bryant.

I think this looks really great on you. I love it with the jeans. Was it comfortable to wear or was the lace scratchy?
I am in the middle of my free Gwynnie Bee trial and have this top in my queue. I have a leopard print wrap top from Queen Grace that I haven't even worn yet. I need to break it out!


Thanks, Hailey! It was actually really comfortable. I have super sensitive skin and usually break out into blotchy rashes if anything irritates it, but this did not.






Thanks! Any opportunity to wear my red Dorothy mary-janes makes me happy.


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