Reversible Seamless Tank - Anthropologie
Pink Tee & Ruffled Cardi - Anthropologie
Skirt, Belt, & Tights - Lane Bryant
Leather Boots - Naturalizer
Do you have one of these reversible tanks from Anthro?  They're stretchy and smoothing with one side as a v-neck and the other as a scoop neck.  They're my favorite layering tank and come in tons of colors that change with the seasons. 


The outfit looks great, but your HAIR! Wow! How did you get it to curl so perfectly? It looks so pretty. I never really learned how to do hair - it's a good day if I remember to brush it! - so I'd appreciate learning some tricks!


Thanks, Gwen! It's so funny you should mention the hair...Okay, so I never change up my hair. I bought this comb thing with a ponytail band attached to it, and I wear my hair up in that contraption in a semi-bun-twist type of thing. I've done that for a year. It's pathetic. I need variety.

So a month or so ago, I told myself I needed to try something new with my hair one day a week. In this photo, it's just my natural (lion's mane) hair. When I wake up, it's frizzy, colicky, some parts curl and others don't, etc. It's a mess. Well, in high school, I used curl scrunching products to try and tame it and it never looked right. Well, I just had a revelation. It's not more curl I need. It's smoothing, taming products. So I bought a smooth serum, worked it into my hair while still damp, and let it air dry. Unbelievable. All that time I've been doing it wrong. Duhhhh!


Huh, interesting - and here I thought you were going to say you used three different sizes of curling iron or something! ;) I guess I could try using a smooth serum and then a curling iron - my hair's just straight and flat, unfortunately! The last couple times I used my curling iron I managed to burn myself - on my forehead and on the top of my ear! Blisters and everything. This will be an interesting challenge... when I get over my jetlag. The state that I'm in, I'd probably put out my own eye or something!

Oh, and I was going to say, I loved your outfit on EA this weekend! It was so luxe, the way the dress was just pooling all over the floor (and what a gorgeous dress, too). And that was the same cardigan as the one in this post, wasn't it? Yay remixing!


I have that same skirt! I never thought about pairing it with lighter colors. It looks fabulous on you!


Thanks, Hailey! Yeah, I feel like we have many of the same This was a new color combo for me, too. I usually style it the same way with a red top and a black waterfall cardi.


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