Frothed Dots Dress - Anthropologie
Sweater, tights, belt, & boots - Lane Bryant
Red Leather Bag - Emma Fox

Last weekend we drove down to Savannah, Georgia to make final preparations for our move there in two weeks.  Here are some snapshots from our trip:
1) Stuck in traffic in the Appalachians for six hours.  Who needs to stay in a hotel overnight when you sleep for free in a traffic jam?  

2) After being on the road for 16 hours with another 8 hours to go (mind you, the drive to Savannah only takes 14 hours), we had to reroute through a snowy mountain pass.

3) Finally, we've arrived!  Chatting in a Savannah square in 65 degree weather.  In January.  I can get used to this, fo sho.  

4) After deciding on an apartment, we went to Bernie's for a bucket of steamed oysters to celebrate.  No more $4 apiece oysters for us.  How about an overflowing bucket for $15? 

5) A view of historic downtown Savannah, our soon-to-be new home. 

6) Plopped down on a park bench in one of the many squares, each complete with a historic memorial, fountain, or sculpture.

7) Being within walking distance of several museums is going to make me one happy camper.  We spent an afternoon at the SCAD Museum of Art, and this was one of our favorite exhibits.  It was a collection of works by artist Rosemarie Fiore that describes as the following: 
"Fireworks Drawings" is a selection of large-scale works on paper created using live fireworks and their pigments.  Employing this distinctive medium in a performative process, Fiore strikes a balance between control and change, the lasting and the evanescent.  This dynamic selection demonstrates a strong interplay between powdery, amorphous ground and a complex and sophisticated manipulation of line, color, and collage that in turn translates the raw energy and refined excitement of a fireworks display.
8) River Street at night.

9) Excited about our new adventure in Savannah!
1/27/2013 08:38:33 pm

Why hello there, grey booties twin! I loved your outfit on EA, very pretty how you winterized that dress and kept it toned-down with the dark greys! And congratulations on your move, how exciting! :)

1/28/2013 01:11:07 am

Thanks, Gwen! I thought the powdery pink, white, and gray would make it looks wintry. It would have been great for home with its snow-covered landscape and temperatures in the teens. But alas, I was in sunny 60 degree weather in Savannah. What was funny was that people looked at us like we were nuts for not wearing coats. I even saw a woman wearing earmuffs. I thought she was nuts! I guess it just goes to show that weather is all about perspective. What's warm to a Michigander is not necessarily warm to a southerner.

1/30/2013 03:41:43 am

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! I really appreciate it!

You are absolutely adorable and I love your style! I love how you paired the pink and grey together. I would totally steal this whole outfit!

2/7/2013 05:22:11 pm

You look so cute in that outfit! I bought that cardigan in purple and don't think I've even worn it yet.
So exciting that you are moving to Savannah! It is a really pretty city. My sister lives down there, so when I visit we will have to meet up.


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